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When booking a table at Spingaren you can pick your own discount! How cool? We are the only restaurant in the Netherlands with such a unique system. 

How does it work?

It’s easy! In four steps your can book a table. First you choose the amount of persons you will attend with, secondly pick a date or choose the most profitable date of that month and choose the time of your preference. Finally check your choices and confirm the booking.

You will receive a voucher-code which will provide you with an X% discount on your whole bill after the dinner. You will not receive an amount with the booking but only a percentage. At the end of the evening we will finalize your discount.

Laatste activiteit geladen in:

1. Select number of guests


I will attend with adults and children (aged under 12 years)

You can book up to 250 persons, please get in touch for more info

When booking with more then 10 persons, you wil request a quote.

Choose date

2. Select date


You can choose the day of your dinner yourselves or select one of the most profitable days we have calculated for you.


The most profitable days

Choose one of the most profitable days that we have calculated for you


*Total profit is calculated on the average of our customers
(€40 per adult, €12,50 per child)

3. Select time of arrival


With this choice you will save an average amount of € on your total bill.

* The total discount is based on the average spending (€40,- per adult and €12,50 per child)

4. Request a quote

control and book

4. control and book

Great! You will come on at with . You wil get a voucher with on your total bill.

How would you like us to deal with your quote?

I would like to receive the quotation via e-mail
I would like to receive the quotation via email and place an option
I would like to finalize the quotation and place an reservation

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