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The perfect location for a group dinner in Amsterdam

Spingaren is a special location at the Herengracht where you can dine with a group from 10 to a maximum of 200 people. Depending of the size of your party we have different possibilities for a group dinner.

We are the only restaurant in the Netherlands where you can save on your reservation. When you make your reservation with the online reservation system you always receive a discount on the booking.*

Below you wil find more information about the possibilities at Spinaren for groups. After you checked this information you can go "shopping" immediately in our reservation system. You can choose your discount here, make your own quotation, place an option or make an actual reservation for a group dinner!

For further questions, suggestions or more information you can fill in the below contact form.


*Only the reservations placed with the online reservation system receive a discount. A discount does not apply with a booking made by e-mail, phone, with the contact form or made in a different way than the online reservation system. 

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To be sure the evening runs smoothly, we like to go through some topics beforehand.

In case you like to have more information about these topics, you can find all the information below. For alle the remaining questions you can contact us by phone from 2PM on +31 20 6249635



The prices of Spingaren are fluctuating, our prices change depending on season, day, hour and availability. In the reservation system you can see how much discount you can receive on your chosen day and hour. In case of a booking through mail, the contact form or by phone, you pay the standard prices.



For groups we have four different menu's. It's is not possible to combine these menu's. You order the same package for the entire party (it's is not possible that one part of the group is having the mussel menu and the other part is having the 3-course menu).

3-course or 4-course menu

You can choose a 3- or 4-course menu. The 3-course menu exists of a starter, main course and dessert. If you desire a 4th course, you can add a soup or cheese platter.

Sharing menu

The sharing menu starts with our Spingaren charcuterie platters. On wooden boards we serve different kinds of fish, meat and vegetable charcuterie to share.

For the main course we serve one dish per person. You can choose from three different kind of mains.

As dessert we serve a board with various small desserts, to share as well.

Mussel menu

Our Spingaren mussel menu is only available during the mussel season and to book for at most 25 people.

We serve a mussel soup, then you can choose from two mussel dishes (wine or beer preparation) and finish with a dessert. For the dessert there are also two possibilities.

Game menu

Our Spingaren game menu is only available during the game season. 

We serve a 3-course menu. The starter and the main are both game dishes. With all the three courses there is a choice from two dishes.


When you visit us with a party of 10 people or more, we ask you to make a pre-selection of our menu. This pre-selection will be printed on a menu. On the evening of the diner, everybody can make his of her choice out of this menu.



For groups we offer special packages. Please contact us for more information or compose your own quotation with the online reservation system.



Are there any guests within your party with diet wishes or allergies? Please let us know. At Spingaren we have special menu's voor gluten, nut and lactose free dishes.



In order to let the evening run smoothly, it is useful to know if there is anything we need to take in account. Is there an occasion where we need to pay attention to? Is there a time table we need to take in account?

For companies established in the Netherlands, Spingaren offers (beside payment by cash, debit card, Visa and MasterCard) the possibility to pay on credit. In this case, we we will ask to leave a business card, a copy of identification and to sign the invoice before departure. Please take in account that we use an installment of 14 days. It is not possible to pay separately with a party of more than 10 people.

If you visit us with more than 10 people it is important to look at the terms and conditions. These will be send to you by e-mail.



Are there any further questions about the possibilities for a group dinner at Spingaren in Amsterdam?

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you further on a personal level and will tell you all about our artisanal kitchen, wines and magnificent collection of special beers.


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