Spingaren restaurant & tasting room Amsterdam

In our tasting room at the Herengracht in Amsterdam you can enjoy our special charcuterie. You compose your own plate with charcuterie and savor our charcuterie with a matching beer or wine at the bar or at the table. Of course our charcuterie tastes also delicious with a G&T or cocktail.

Besides the Spingaren charcuterie, the menu also offers delicious meat dishes, fresh fish and innovative veggie dishes. During the season we serve game and mussels as well.

If you prefer only a piece of our sausage, or you like to have a extensive dining.. At Spingaren everything is possible.

You can also turn to Spingaren for a group diner up to 200 people. For more information about the possibilities of group diners in Amsterdam you can check our group page.