Restaurant and tasting room at the Herengracht

In 2016 the idea rised to produce charcuterie. In more and more cafes, restaurants and at home, a good piece of meat is a set part of the aperitif. We as well, like to have a drink, together with a piece of sausage, pastrami, cured meat or paté. But we came to the conclusion that there is not a lot of choice of artisanal produced charcuterie.

We decided to deepen ourselves in making our own charcuterie. We started to look for proper cookbooks, comparing and testing the current charcuterie products and thereafter we enrolled for different workshops. With our experience within the catering industry, we started experimenting. For months we have tested products and at the beginning of 2017 we had our first product: Spingaren pastrami!

After that, things went quickly... Besides our pastrami, we also launched different kinds of meat and vegetable charcuterie. After the launch on the market, the need for our own location originated. The little kitchen where we started, didn't fit the goals of our business anymore. The next step needed to be taken, our own location where our Spingaren products could be tasted and purchased.

Restaurant Herengracht Amsterdam

During the summer of 2017 we found the perfect premises at the Herengracht in Amsterdam. A profound renovation took place and in September 2017 our Spingaren restaurant and tasting room was a fact. This created the chance to share our passion for making our own charcuterie with our other passion: the catering branche! In our restaurant and tasting room you can taste our charcuterie, dine and wine but also buy our Spingaren charcuterie to go.

See you soon!